Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Preloot - Beauty Samples by Post

Beauty is power, a smile is its sword - John Ray

I discovered Preloot while on Instagram and I quickly went over to their site to have a look. I loved that there was so much support for local brands and most of the items had either organic ingredients or was handmade.

How it works is that you get 5 samples for the price of $8.99 which they will mail over in a cute little brown box. And after you have used these samples, you can post your reviews on the Preloot side. These product reviews earn you points that can be used on their site.

I like how they have incorporated local brands and small businesses in their range of products. Being able to choose the samples that you want is great as I won't end up having a whole lot of samples that I don't want. It was so sweet to see a handwritten note in my box!

So these are the samples I chose in my first ever Preloot sample box :) 

Katfood - #Nofilter Makeup Remover
I first read about this brand in the papers and have been wanting to try the products out. This is pretty effective in removing my eye makeup and the formulation is very gentle. It didn't sting my eye area. 

Freda D Parfum “Fancy”
This is a really fun scent that has hints of lychee and vanilla. I love how the scent smells exotic and luxurious. I intend to try out the other scents by this brand before deciding on purchasing a full size version. 

Basic Theory Just Coffee Polish  
The wonderful smell of coffee beans hits u the moment you open this sample packet up. The texture of the coffee scrub is great for removing dead cells. After using the product, it leaves the skin feeling nourished. I can't wait to try out the other scrubs in this brand's range. 

Bodhi Herbal Spa Cosmetics Handmade Goat Milk Soap
I find goat milk is good for sensitive skin issues therefore, I picked this soap up to try as I have sensitive skin on some parts of my body.
This soap is a moisturising natural, cold pressed soap and it has active complex natural ingredients to help gently cleanse, and soothe skin. I can't wait to start using the soap to see how it works on my skin. 

SoapLah- Citrus Zest Soap

I just love citrus smelling fragrances, it gives an energised start to the day. I have just started using this soap on my face as the soap claims to brighten a dull complexion which I have after a long day of work. I like that the company's name reflects the local Singapore culture with "lah" in its brand name. 

Basic Theory Brightening Wash-off Scrub and Mask
This item was from the lootstore and it's a full sized item which I purchased at full-price. I have yet to try this item which is a facial scrub and mask with rice bran, brown rice and Frankincense oil that exfoliates and brightens up the skin. The combination of items used in the mask seems interesting and can't wait to see how it helps brighten my skin. 

I really am happy to receive my Preloot box and its great that I could choose exactly what I wanted to try out. I will definitely be heading back to the site to try out more samples.

(This post was not sponsored, I just love the concept of this brand and wanted to share)



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