Saturday, August 22, 2015

My 5 favourite MAC lipsticks

I believe in primping at leisure and using lipstick – Audrey Hepburn

An application of lipstick can change the look of a person. It adds glamour, mystery and a bit of playfulness. I just love how it brightens up a persons face even if they have no other makeup on.

MAC lipsticks have always been a favourite of mine. The colours and formulation are outstanding. There’s a wide range of colours to choose for any look or occasion. I can never pass by a MAC counter without being tempted to test a lipstick or to open my purse to purchase one.

These are the five of my favourite lipsticks from MAC. (It was so hard to choose) 

MAC Spirit

This lipstick is a beautiful neutral shade. It looks great on tanned skin and works well as an everyday lipstick shade. I like to use when I have heavy or dramatic eye makeup on.

MAC Up the Amp

This is the prettiest berry shade I have tried. It looks purple in the tube but once on, it’s a very flattering pinkish purple shade. Its very wearable and it looks like a shade that would look good on any skin type.


MAC Brick-O-La

It’s a beautiful brown shade that has some aspects of red in it. I like to wear this shade on workdays. It gives that made up look without being too over done. I feel it’s a great shade for the office.

MAC Milan Mode

This is a fun shade with a hint of shimmer in it. This looks very Barbie pink when I apply it. It’s really pretty and gives a girly fun vibe.


MAC Viva Glam Rihanna

The perfect shade to be named after the most edgy and glamour celebrity ever. I love this easy to wear shade of red. The formulation goes on so smooth. I love the look it gives and it adds a hint of mystery.

*Hope the stars align and you have a positive day*

♡ Issy

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